If you did not receive your award at the race, you have a few choices to receive it. Awards not claimed within 30 days of the race will be relinquiched.

***Clarification: If you would like to pick up your award, please contact us first (352) 637-2475, so we know which awards go where. If an athlete does not stay for the awards ceremony, there is no way for us to know what to do with the award until they contact us. All awards return to our main office in Inverness. Although this may create another level of complexity, our goal was to try and make sure athletes who were not able to attend the ceremony, still had an opportunity to receive their award.

  1. In Inverness, call first to pick up your award at our main office. (5121 Tangelo Rd., Inverness, FL 34453)
  2. If you would like to have your award mailed to you, we only ask that you cover the postage and handling ($10.00 for domestic U.S. only).

Award Earned
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